Daughter and granddaughter to landscape painters (mother Isobel Loxton Knight; grandfather Edward Loxton Knight), Georgia has been immersed in drawing and painting since an early age.


She has recently emerged as a professional visual artist, beginning her career with a series of works born in an interest in surrealism and dreams.


Combined with her upbringing on the coastline of South Western Australia and a love of the ocean, this interest has manifested in abstract paintings where waterscapes are used as a visual material to distort; as if warped through a strange lens, or melted on a hot day. Georgia’s soft brushstrokes of turquoise and sparkling light are haunting yet benevolent, invoking a drowsy feeling like falling asleep on a beach. 


Georgia’s more symbolic "Smoke" collection features dream-like visions of dunes or desert landscapes as faded backdrops to neatly arranged iconography, often obscured by a whitewash of sand or smoke. These delicate items are like the gathered elements of a long-forgotten story; hinting at a meaning that’s slipped away over centuries - or perhaps just upon waking.


Georgia is also a budding creative director and photographer, and her ethereal travel images from sun-drenched places carry the same aesthetics and emotional qualities as her paintings, complementing them in a cohesive body of work designed to allure and enchant. 


City of Rockingham Art Awards | Finalist 2019

Curatorial Vol.1 Creative Directory | Featured Artist 2019

RAW Australia presents REFLECT | Featured Artist 2019

DAF RESERVE Art Prize | Finalist 2018

25under25 Art Award Fremantle | Finalist 2015

Media features: LOST Magazine; Art/Edit Magazine; Grok Online

While mostly self taught, Georgia has also completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia

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