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Daughter and granddaughter to landscape painters (mother Isobel Loxton Knight; grandfather Edward Loxton Knight), Georgia has been immersed in drawing and painting since an early age. 

Georgia is interested in exploring the fallibility of cognition and the abstract qualities of memory. Diverging from traditionally frail and airy representations of recollection, her practice is punchy and bold, choosing instead to play in the space of distortion and fragmentation.

With the beaches where she lives as her subject, she paints collages of sun-drenched bathers like the memory shards of a thousand summer days, and large-scale distorted waterscapes that invite the viewer to dive in, as if into a dream.​


Yallingup Galleries |


City of Rockingham Art Awards | Finalist 2019

Curatorial Vol.1 Creative Directory | Featured Artist 2019

RAW Australia presents REFLECT | Featured Artist 2019

DAF RESERVE Art Prize | Finalist 2018

25under25 Art Award Fremantle | Finalist 2015

Media features: LOST Magazine; Art/Edit Magazine; Grok Online

Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia


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