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Daughter and granddaughter to landscape painters (mother Isobel Loxton Knight; grandfather Edward Loxton Knight), Georgia has been immersed in drawing and painting since an early age.


"I think of my paintings as fragments of dreams: ephemeral, illusory, and intoxicating. They are waterscapes in which impossible distortions are used to playfully question our reliance on rules to accept reality. In dreams, these rules are forgotten and we are open to wider possibilities. Water inherently manipulates light, and is already suggestive of a bridge between these cognitive planes. My abstracted arrangements make use of this familiar visual material to seduce the viewer into moving into a space of transcendence, submitting to a desire for beauty over reason. "

Georgia’s more symbolic "Smoke" collection features dream-like visions of dunes or desert landscapes as faded backdrops to neatly arranged iconography, often obscured by a whitewash of sand or smoke. These delicate items are like the gathered elements of a long-forgotten story; hinting at a meaning that’s slipped away over centuries - or perhaps just upon waking.


Georgia is also a photographer, and her ethereal travel images from sun-drenched places carry the same aesthetics and emotional qualities as her paintings, complementing them in a cohesive body of work designed to allure and enchant. 


City of Rockingham Art Awards | Finalist 2019

Curatorial Vol.1 Creative Directory | Featured Artist 2019

RAW Australia presents REFLECT | Featured Artist 2019

DAF RESERVE Art Prize | Finalist 2018

25under25 Art Award Fremantle | Finalist 2015

Media features: LOST Magazine; Art/Edit Magazine; Grok Online

While mostly self taught, Georgia has also completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia






Fine Artist

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